Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Security Assessment | Implementation Consulting Services based on Motion Pictures Association’s (MPA’s) Content Security Best Practices Guidelines.

Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Security Assessment is essential for Vendor Studios to actively demonstrate compliance to Content Security Best Practices Guidelines published by Motion Pictures Association (MPA).

Mr. Harsh Joshi, Director of MVL Consulting Private Limited (MVLCO) is a Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Qualified Assessor.

To verify, please visit TPN’s website - TPN Qualified Assessor: Consultants -

What can MVLCO do with respect to TPN Security Compliance?

  • TPN Security Assessment (it is valid for a year as per TPN’s regulation) – Onsite / offsite manner service.
  • Monthly External Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) – Offsite manner service.
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) – Offsite / Onsite manner service.
  • Periodic internal audit to verify TPN Compliance.
  • Preparation for TPN Security Assessment.
  • Documentation of information and content security policies and procedures.
  • Content security awareness training to Top or Senior Management, IT Systems Administration, General Administration, Human Resources and Staff.
  • Remediation of non-compliances reported by TPN Assessor / Clients.

Click here to download MVLCO’s TPN Security case-study!

Please contact us at to discuss any of your TPN Security Compliance requirement.

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