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In lay-man’s terms –
Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is a process to find flaws in the configuration of IT systems (network equipment, server systems, end-use, computer systems, storage devices, operating systems, software applications, etc.)
Penetration Testing (PT) is a process to exploit the flaws identified in VA process to enter the victim’s IT systems.

Click here to download MVLCO’s VAPT case-study!

What should be scope of VAPT?

  • Network equipment (like firewall, L3 switch, wireless devices, etc.)
  • Server systems
  • End-user computer systems (at least critical computer systems or the ones which are exposed to Internet)
  • Storage devices
  • Devices connected to Internet – Please visit our Internet of Things (IoT) page
  • Software applications – Please visit our Web and Mobile Application Security page

Based on Scope, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Services is divided into –

  • External VAPT – VAPT of publicly (external) accessible IP addresses, conducted with hacker’s eye view
  • Internal VAPT – VAPT of internal IP addresses of IT systems, conducted with an internal perpetrator perspective

MVLCO also conducts the VAPT in a completely hacker’s eye manner – Red Team Cyber Security Assessment!

Benefits of periodic VAPT?

  • Comply with regulatory & contractual requirement
  • Comply with information security standards requirement
  • Key process in Know Your Cyber Security Risks
  • Know Your Exposure tonewly identified vulnerabilities
  • Identify gaps to harden IT systems configuration
  • Stay ahead of the perpetrators!


  • MVLCO advises clients to ensure Scope of VAPT covers all required IT systems
  • Knowledgeable team members
  • Risk-based report with Proof of Concept (POC) screenshots (wherever possible)
  • Manual testing of Tool results to reduce false positives
  • Advice regarding closure of VAPT observations

MVLCO advises VAPT should be conducted at least quarterly or six-monthly basis.
Please contact us at to discuss your VAPT compliance requirement.

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