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We live in world of Apps. Apps make our like easier – from booking taxi-cab or groceries or money matters!

However, Apps also expose the host to a possibility of host of attacks from unknown perpetrators located all over the world!

What is different in AppSec from Pen-Testing?

  • AppSec methodology includes verification of technical as well as business process scenarios of the App
  • AppSec has a unique process to intercept the functional requests (fired from front-end of the App) and reply exchanged between client and server. The said requests and replies are analysed & modified (if required) to be able to either cause disruption in the business process or get the information which otherwise should be available.

MVLCO advises AppSec should be conducted at least annually or after major version release of the App or major change in functionality of the App.

1 What is additional in Mobile AppSec?

  • Device platform specific risks – Apple, Android, Cross-platform
  • Storage of App’s information on client side i.e. in the mobile device
  • And other Mobile App specific analysis

2 Benefits of periodic AppSec?

  • Comply with regulatory & contractual requirement
  • Comply with information security standards requirement
  • Key process in Know Your Cyber Security Risks
  • Stay ahead of the perpetrators!

3 Why MVLCO for AppSec?

  • MVLCO Team correlates business use-cases to identify and exploit the vulnerability in App
  • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) based testing methodology for Web and Mobile Apps
  • Team uses combination of Tool and Manual scenarios with a hacker’s eye view
  • Risk-based report with Proof of Concept (POC) screenshots (wherever possible)

To download MVLCO’s Web and Mobile Application Security case-study! Click here

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